13. Найдите слово с общим значением для каждой строчки

weather, seasons, months, sports, family

1) weather: rainy, sunny, warm, snowy, cloudy

2) family: mum, grandma,dad, grandpa, brother

3) sports: volleyball, table tennis, hockey

4) seasons: winter, spring, summer, autumn

5) months: December, June, August, September

14) Выбери нужное вопросительное слово. Обведи соответствующую букву. Прочитай вопросы.

Example: ... will you play volleybal?

a) What b) When c) How many

1) ... will have a picnic tomorrow?

a) What b) How c) Who

2) ... will you go next month?

a) Who b) Where c) What

3) ... will they do next winter?

a) When b) Where c) What

4) ... will he play hockey?

a) Who b) How c) What

15. Поставь вопросы к выделенным словам.

Example: The cheldren will ski in winter?
What will the children do in winter?

1) He will read the letters tomorrow.

Who will read the letters tomorrow?

2) Tiny willgo to Antarctica next year.

Where will Tiny go next year?

3) They`ll clean the house in an hour.

What will they do in the house in an hour?

4) Jill will wash her hands well.

How will Jill wash her hands?

5) We`ll fly a kite next week.

When will we fly a kite?

16. Вставть пропущенные слова.

Has, do, does, will

1) Where will Tiny live next summer?

2) What do you like to eat for breakfast?

3) She has got a new poster.

4) When does Ann get up every day?

5) Do you go to shool every day?

6) I will send a nice postcard to my friend tomorrow.

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