13. Выбери и обведи нужный предлог.

1) There are a lot from / of / on books on the shelf.

2) There are chairs next to / in / on the fireplace.

3) There is a computer at / on / in the desk.

4) There is a new carpet at / on / of the floor.

5) There is a big poster on / at / in the wall.

6) Have you got a walkman of / from / with your own?

14. Напиши названия:

1) пяти предметов мебели, которые тебе необходимы в комнате;

I need a table, a chair, a bed, a lamp and a shelf.

2) пяти предметов мебели, без которых ты можешь обойтись.

I don`t need a sofa, a TV set, a carpet, a wardrobe and a picture.

15. Прочитай рассказ Дэна. Вставь артикли a и the, где это необходимо.

Рабочая тетрадь Enjoy English 4 класс Биболетова Денисенко - Sections 3. Home sweet home - 1

My name is Dan. I haven’t got a room of my own. I share it with - my little brother Sam. There is a round table at the window. There are three chairs at the table. The fourth chair is at the wall. There is a sofa, a bed, a big clock and a lot of toys in our room. There is no TV in the room. We like to play in our room.

16. Вставь пропущенные слова is или are.

1) There is a big grey carpet on my floor.

2) There are three windows in our living room.

3) There are a lot of books on the shelves.

4) There is a nice armchair in Tiny`s house.

5) There are no chairs in my bedroom.

17. Переведи на английский язык.

На полу — on the floor

В левом углу — in the left corner

В правом углу —in the right corner

Под кроватью — under the bed

Над столом — above the table

За креслом — behind the armchair

Между диваном и пианино — between the sofa and the piano

Рядом с камином — near to the fireplace

18. Выбери нужное слово. Обведи соответствующую букву.

1) He doesn

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