1. Восстанови рисунки и напиши, что на них нарисовано.

Рабочая тетрадь Enjoy English 4 класс Биболетова Денисенко - Test yourself 3 - 1

1) a house

2) a bridge

3) a garden

4) a road

5) a river

6) a hill

7) a field

2. Восстанови письмо, вставляя пропущенные слова.

beautiful, write, in the country, behind, mountains, swim, river

Dear Alex,

Thank you for your letter. I am Vova. I am from Russia. My country is large and beautiful. There are many cities and towns in Russia. But I live in the country. I live with mum and dad. Our house isn’t big. There is a green garden with apple trees and flowers behind my house. There is a river next to the forest. My friends and I swim there in summer. There is an old bridge over the river. We’ve got a cow, five sheep, a horse, a dog and a cat. I like to read books about seas, oceans, mountains and deserts.

Write me about your country and your town, please.

Your pen friend,


3. Прочитай предложения и вставь is или are.

1) There is a nice garden behind the house.

2) There are a lot of apple trees in the garden.

3) There is a cow and a horse near the river.

4) Is there a bridge over the river? – No, there isn’t.

5) Are there many forests in Russia? – Yes, there are.

4. Выбери правильное слово и обведи соответствующую букву.

Example: Winter is the …season in the year.

a) cold b) colder c) coldest

1) John is … than his brother.

a) tall b) taller c) tallest

2) February is the …month.

a) short b) shorter c) shortest

3) Moscow is one of the… cities in the world (в мире).

a) beautiful b) more beautiful c) most beautiful

4) The new road is … than the old road.

a) wide b) wider c) widest

5) Tiny is a … pupil.

a) good b) better c) best

5. Составь предложения.

Example: is, cleaner, The country, the town, than. – The country is country is cleaner than the town.

1) my, house, His house, smaller, than, is. – His house is smaller than my house.

2) is, his, garden, bigger, Ann’s, garden, than. – Ann’s garden is bigger than his garden.

3) the, sea, is, The, ocean, larger, than. – The ocean is larger than the sea.

4) flowers, the, Her, beautiful, most, are. – Her flowers are the most beautiful.

5) best, pupil, the, is, He. – He is the best pupil.

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