Часть 2. Мы собираемся путешествовать. Раздел 1 - cтраницы 13, 14, 15

1. Read the words in transcription. Write them down with letters.










2. Write down the words from ex.1 in alphabetical order (в алфавитном порядке).

Accomodation, costs, education, group, invite, partner, programme, social, student.

3. Complete the questions. Use ex.1 in the Student`s Book.

1) What groups does the Head Teacher like to invite?

2) What does the Head Teacher propose to invite them?

3) Where will the children from Russian school stay?

4) Who will be responsible for the costs of accomodation?

5) Who will be responsible for the educational and social programme?

4. Match the words with similar meanings. Write with down.

Example: say - tell.

Study-learn, do-make, start-begin, organize-arrange, p.m.-afternoon, picnic-party, trip-travel, dress-inform.

5. Ask questions about the sentence: The Head Teacher proposed that we come to his school for 15-20 days in April.

1) Did the Head Teacher propose that we come to his school?

2) Who proposed that we come to school for 15-20 days in April?

3) Where did the Head Teacher propose we to come?

4) When did the Head Teacher propose we to come?

5) How long did the Head Teacher propose us to stay?

6. Translate from Russian into English:

1) The boys usually arrange the chairs before English lesson.

2) You have got an interesting social programme.

3) We can invite a group of up to 11 students to Drama lesson.

4) Will you stay after Maths.

5) The boys from our school have arranged to meet at 2 o`clock.

7. Put in the missing words.

Dear guests!

Welcome to our school stadium today. Our local football team will play with their British partners. Football players will stay in the hotel. The group of local fans are responsible for an interesting social programme for our guests. We are glad to see you.

8. Cross out the odd word ("лишнее" слово).

1) educational, social, hotel, local, physical.

2) invitation, accomodation, Russian, education.

3) stay, play, study, party, pay.

4) teacher, partner, together, brother, mother.

9. Add the tag endings.

1) It`s nice to invite British students, isn`t it?

2) You are responsible for a social programme, aren`t you?

3) They didn`t arrange a date of the competition, did they?

4) It was a group of 17 students, wasn`t it?

5) She`ll stay with her partner`s family, won`t she?

6) The accomodation costs weren`t very high, were they?

10. Add the tag endings if needed.

A. Nice day. Isn`t it?

B. It`ll rain tomorrow.

A. Are you sure?

B. We`ll arrange a picnic tomorrow. It always rains for the picnic. Isn`t it?

A. I don`t think so.

11. Put in the missing words. Chosse 12 words and phrases from the list of words given below:

My younger brother had his birthday on Sunday. I proposed to arrange a birthday picnic for him and his friends. "Not a bad idea!" said my parents. We dicided to spend a weekend in the country. I was afraid for the social programme. We played funny games and sports, sang songs, danced and make pictures. My brother and his friends enjoyed the picnic. "That was great," he said and kissed me.

Next year we are going to arrange a birthday picnic for my brother and his friend again.

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