12. Read the words in transcription. Write them down with letters. Circle silent letters













13. a) Complete the table

Nouns Translation Adjective Translation
use использование, применение useful полезный
care забота, внимание careful осторожный
colour цвет colourful красочный, яркий
power сила, мощь powerful сильный, мощный
beauty красота beautyful прекрасный, красивый
wonder чудо, удивление wonderful удивительный, замечательный

b) Complete the sentences using the adjectives from the table

Example: In summer, the White Cliffs are full of ... flowers. - In summer, the White Cliffs are full of colourful flowers

1. Hundreds of tourists visit Edinburgh Castle every day. There is a wonderful view of Edinburgh from the Castle

2. There is a lot of useful information in the magazine. You should read it

3. She is a beautyful woman and a talented actress

4. Be careful when you ride your bike in the street

5. Norway is famous for its powerful waterfalls. Some of them are up to 500 metres high

14. Choose the correct answer

Example: the English Channel ... Great Britain from Europe

a) separate b) separates c) is separating

1. ... you ever ... about the Simpson Desert? - No, where is it?

a) Do .... hear b) Did ... hear c) Have ... heard

2. Last year, they ... to the south of England for the holidays

a) go b) went c) have gone

3. Where are the children? - In the living room. They ... Scrabble

a) are playing b) play c) played

4. Next week the young explorers ... the valley of rubbish (от мусора)

a) will clean b) clean c) have cleaned

5. What ... the Great Barrier Reef full of? - Different corals and bright fish

a) is b) are c) has been

6) They ... not ... abroad last summer

a) do ... travel b) did ... travel c) will ... travel

15. Fill the tabel

Countable nouns Uncountable nouns
pen, cliff, book, valley, desert, subject, adventure, cup, waterfall, flower, biscuit, magazine, language, piece information, money, news, snow, weather, work, water, sugar, nature, tae. cheese, love, sand, paece, meat, noise

16. Complete the sentences with a(an) or some

Example: Would you like ... cake? - Would you like a cake?

1. Would you like a cup of coffee? - Yes, please

2. I`m afraid, he has aleady got some information from the Internet

3. I`ve found some money under the chair. Is it your money?

4. Would you like an apple or an orange? - No, thanks. Just some water, please

5. On Christmas eve, she left biscuits and some milk for Father Christmas

6. I would like a glass of orange juice on the table

17. a) Complete the sentence


Lena`s stone forest is one of the most beautiful Russian wonders of nature. The forest is situated in the centre of Siberia, not far from Yakutsk. The amazing stone towers are over 150 metres in height. The unusual stones stand along the River Lena for about 80 km.

Althought it is difficult to reach, many tourists visit the fantastic forest every summer. Scientists explore the unique forest which can tell us a lot of interesting facts about our planet`s past.

b) Make up questions

1. Where is Lena`s Stone forest situated?

- In the north of Russia

2. What does Lena`s Stone forest look like?

- Tall stone towers

3. Do they (the stones/the stone towers) stay in the forest?

- No, along the riverbank

4. Is it difficult to get there? / Is it difficult to get there, isn`t it?

- Yes, it is. Most tourists come there in summer

5. Why do scientists explore

- To learn more about the Earth Lena`s Stone forest?

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