1. a) Match the words

(to) repair my bike

(to) go hiking

(to) play volleyball

(to) explore the valley

(to) separate the garden from

b) Complete the sentences with word combinations

Example: What are you doing? - I`m planting the bushes. I want ... the road. - I want to separate the garden from the road

1. Will you join us on our cycking trip tomorrow? - I`m afraid, I wont. I must repair my bike first

2. Every summer, we go hiking in the mountains. We sleep in tents and make fires to cook breakfast and dinner

3. Can you play volleyball? - Yes, I can. But I like basketball more

4. The young tourists decided to explore the valley and draw a map of it

2. Complete the sentences. Cicrle the right letter

Example: My dream is to sail round the ... like the great explorers of the past

a) world b) countries c) continents

1. During the storm, the ... are very dangerous for ships and sailors

a) hills b) mountains c) cliffs

2. The Sahara ... is the largest on the planet

a) valley b) desert c) park

3. In big cities, lots of people are fond of ... . They usually run in the parks and along the streets

a) cycling b) hiking c) jogging

4. The ... of mountain Everest is 8,848 metres

a) height b) length c) high

5. Each country has its own ... of nature. For example, Russia is famous for its Lake Baikal

a) works b) wonders c) surprises

3. Complete the text

Use: longest, valleys, explore, powerful, other, separates

The River Severn is the longest river in Great Britain. It is 354 km long. The Severn separates Wales from England. There are several waterfalls at the source of the river. They are not very high or powerful. However, lots of people go there to take photos of the wonderful waterfalls. Then the Severn runs though green hills and beautiful valleys. There are many old towns and modern cities on the banks of the Severn. In summer, many tourists cycle along the river and explore the countryside. On the one hand, travelling by bike is very exciting but, on the other hand, it can be rather dangerous and difficult.

4. Complete the sentences. Circle the right letter

Example: Yesterday, we ... a birthday present for Tom. I think he`ll be happy to get a new computer game. a) buy b) bought c) have bought

1. What`s the name of the waterfall? - I ...

a) don`t know b) didn`t know c) haven`t know

2. What are you doing? - I ... the Internet. I need some information about Niagara Falls

a) browse b) am browsing c) browsed

3. Did you have a nice trip? - Yes, the weather ... fine. we swam and sunbathed every day

a) is b) was c) will be

4. ... you already ... the new film about Francic Drake? - Not, yet. Is it worth watching?

a) Do ... see b) Did ... see c) Have ... seen

5. Jim, there ... a lot of homework to do. Let`s begin with Maths

a) is b) are c) -

6. They ... just from Karelia. Here is a souvenir for you

a) return b) returned c) have returned

7. Unfortunately, the explorer ... his e-mail last night

a) doesn`t chek b) didn`t chek c) hasn`t cheked

5. Complete the sentences

Use: is, are, was, were

Example: Have got any milk? - Yes, there ... some in the fridge. - Yes, there is some in the fridge

1. Any news? - Yes, but the news is not very good today

2. There were only 15,000 people in the town in 1995. Now, more than 100,000 people live there

3. I liked the concert yesterday. The music was beautiful

4. What are the children going to do? - don`t know. Let`s wait and see

6. Complete the text. Fill inthe definite article the if necessary

What do you know about India? It is situated in the south of Asia. The capital of the country is Delhi. The country is famous for its wonderful palaces, unique churches and exciting nature. Thousands of tourists from Europe, the USA and the Russian Federation come to this Asian country every year. Most tourists visit Agra, the well-known Indian city

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