14. a) Read the words in transcription. Write them down with letters

1. yoghurt (U)

2. juice (U)

3. butter (U)

4. strawberry (C)

5. porridge (U)

6. bread (U)

7. pudding (U)

8. egg (C)

9. apricot (C)

b) Are these nouns usually countable (C) or uncountable (U)? Write down the letters C or U in the boxes.

Указано в скобках и отмечено синим маркером в 14-а

15. Fill in the missing letters: ui, ur, ea, au, ou

tourist, juice, sausage, pleasant, biscuit, takeaway, yoghurt, breakfast, various, hamburger, meal, delicious, restaurant, instead

16. a) Match the words and make word combinations

Рабочая тетрадь №1 Enjoy English 6 класс Биболетова Денисенко Трубанева - Section 3. Help yourself! - 1

a box of chocolates (biscuits)

a slice of bacon (cheese)

a cup of tea (coffee, milk, water, juice)

a glass of milk (water, apple juice, Coke)

a piece of cheese (bread, cake, pizza)

a bottle of Coke (mineral water, apple juice)

b) Make up 4 sentences with the word combinations

Example: He has bought a nice box of delicious chocolates for his mum

1) For breakfast, he made a sandwich with a slice of bacon.

На завтрак он сделал сэндвич с ломтиком бекона.

2) In the morning I woke only a cup of coffee.

С утра меня будила только чашка кофе.

3) The refrigerator was empty bottle of Coke.

В холодильнике стояла пустая бутылка кока-колы.

4) I put in a bowl of cat a piece of cheese

Я положила в миску кота кусок сыра

17. Complete the sentences with a/an/some, if necessary

Example: In the motning the usually has some porridge and a cup of coffee

1. A glass of orange juice, please.

2. When I came into the room, there was a big red apple, an orange and some apricots on the plate.

3. Would you like some apple juice? - Yes, please.

4. The lady always has some chocolate cakes and a cup of tea in the late afternoon.

5. Could you buy some milk and two strawberry yoghurts for Alice?

6. In the magazine, you can find an easy salad recipe, which you can try at home!

18. Complete the text. Answer the questions

Use: drink, instead of, national, meal, lunch, tea, unhappy

Everybody knows that the British like tea. Tea is more than just a drink to them - it is a way of life. Many people drink it with breakfast, them mid-morning, with lunch, at tea-time (around five o`clock), with dinner and finally just before bed.

For centuries now, tea has been the national drink of Great Britain. Tea has worked its way into the language too. Nowadays, people have "tea break" at work, even if they drink coffee or Cola. Many people call the main evening meal "tea", even if they drink juice or mineral water with it. When someone is unhappy or sad, the British say they need tea and sympathy, In fact, tea is the best treatment for all sorts of problems and troubles instead of pills and tablets.

1. Do you like tea?

Yes, I like tea / No, I don`t like tea

2. When do you have tea?

I drink tea in the morning

3. What do you prefer to drink tea with?

I drink tea with cake

19. Read the menu and complete the dialogues

Рабочая тетрадь №1 Enjoy English 6 класс Биболетова Денисенко Трубанева - Section 3. Help yourself! - 2

1. - Hello!

- Hello! Can I have a cheese cake, plese?

- Anything to drink?

- A cup of tea, please.

- Would you like green or black?

- Green, please.

- Anything also?

- To, thanks.

2. - It`s a nice cafe, isn`t it?

- Yes, we like eating here.

- Can you recommend anything?

- They have a tasty pizza. You can also try chicken and chips if you are hungry.

- OK, I`ll try the pizza. And some ice cream.

- And I`ll take chicken and chips and a glass of orange juice.

20. Complete the text: make the word in capitals suitable for filling the blank space

Have you ever heard about Jamie Oliver? Jamie Oliver is a creative and energetic person, full of unusual ideas and various projects.

He is one of the most famous cooks in Britain.

He was born in 1975 in England. In his childhood he got interested in cooking. He began working in his parents pub at the age of eight. Jamie cut vegetables.

His first TV cooking show appeared in 1999. Now, hisTV programmes and cookery books are very populat all over the world. Jamie Oliver teaches people to cook at home instead of getting a takeaway or going ti a restaurant.

Jamie Oliver also has different projects. One of them is a school project called "Feed Me Better". Jamie does not students to eat junk food for lunches. So he helps school cooks to make healthy food for the children.










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